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There are a variety of student employment options around campus and many of those are within the Department of Residence Life. One position available to students through the department is the Student Office Assistant position (SOA). The Student Office Assistant position entails communicating via telephone on behalf of the department, addressing concerns through emails, and providing assistance to students, staff, and family members that enter the office. The position provides students with a hands-on role in the services provided to an assortment of people and experience with multiple software programs & information systems.

A Student Office Assistant may be asked questions ranging from housing assignments to meal plans to roommate concerns. Through answering the phone, emails, and questions in person, an SOA is a resource that provides accurate, immediate assistance to those with questions.

Additionally, SOA’s interact with staff members throughout the department and aid in tasks that the members participate in. For instance, SOA’s are able to aid in the process of Resident Assistant selection. By helping with this process, SOA’s learn more about the way the department works and play an integral role in the future of the department.

The SOA position allows students to take an active role within a major department in campus, while also improving customer service and other interpersonal skills needed for everyday office work. The position gives students an opportunity to learn phone etiquette, formal ways to address emails, and how to address concerns appropriately.

However, the best part of all is the staff that an SOA gets the opportunity to work with. The Department of Residence Life consists of a fantastic collection of staff members. Being an SOA comes with many responsibilities, but it also allows students to form invaluable relationships with the full-time department staff. Personally, I have met some of the best Loyola employees on campus through the department, and I have made friends with my fellow student employees. The atmosphere of the office is one that makes you want to come to work. It is a great way to learn about Loyola University Chicago, while also learning how to behave within a professional setting.



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