Frequently Asked Questions (Winter break questions answered!)

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Can I still apply for housing on campus for the spring semester?

Yes. Although the priority deadline has passed, students can still sign up for on campus housing for the spring semester. The Housing form can be found through the student’s Locus account.
Some tips we found successful for students completing the form include using Internet Explorer and deleting browsing history before starting the process.

What are the components of the housing application?

Students need to complete the housing application form found on Locus under Residence Life, as well as submit the housing pre-payment. The pre-payment is non refundable and is also found under the Residence Life tab on Locus. The pre-payment can be paid with debit or credit, with Visa, Mastercard and Discover being accepted. If you have difficulty paying the pre-payment please contact the department of Residence Life to see if you qualify for the pre-payment waiver.
Note: New students don’t need to pay the pre-payment; the admissions deposit is all that’s required.

Are there single rooms still available?

Our single rooms are reserved for students with medical needs. If this applies to you please contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSWD) and once we receive a recommendation from their department we will work with you from there.

Where can I find the Housing Release and Exemption Form?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us @ !


Carl Durrenmatt,

Student Office Assistant
Department of Residence Life
Loyola University Chicago

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