Upper Class Area Tours

Posted on: February 19th, 2012 by Alvin Mangosing

Upper Class Area Tours are happening next week!  Tours will occur on Wednesday, February 22nd and Thursday, February 23rd.  They begin in the Regis MPR at 5:30pm and go through to 7:30pm.

Curious to know what it’s like to live in the upper class areas?  Below are a few testimonials of what our resident Ramblers have to say about the halls they live in…

I love the kitchens! It’s great to be cooking for myself in such a nice place. I love the RA’s as well. They’ve been so great planning events and building a community. – Bianca, sophomore, Biology Major, LeMoyne Hall

Click here to see what Sarah from Marquette has to say about her hall:  Marquette Testimonial

I really the like arrangement of the rooms, and how big the living room is. I love the windows and all the closet space!- Caryn, Junior, Political Science Major, French and Classical Studies Minor, Fairfield Hall

Spring Hill has a lot of great programs. The rooms are spacious and homey. We also have modern, yet classic kitchens. I love living in Spring Hill!- Christi Forner, sophomore, Spring Hill

Click here to see what Dan from Georgetown has to say about his hall:  Georgetown Testimonial

I love living in Xavier because it is quiet, an equal distance between the middle of campus and the L, and because my R.A. awesome!- Steph Nuccio, sophomore, Xavier Hall

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