Look at all this construction!

Posted on: February 9th, 2012 by Alvin Mangosing

The construction of the the Center for Sustainable Urban Living(CSUL)/San Francisco Hall and DeNobili Hall have begun!  As most folks have heard, the CSUL project will include a complete renovation to floors 1-3 of BVM Hall with an addition to connect it to the new San Francisco Residence Hall.  With construction occurring amidst our residential population, it is our goal to minimize the impact on you as residents as much as possible.  We ask that as construction continues these next few weeks, that residents raise ANY concerns to your hall staff immediately so that we may address them quickly.

Fencing has gone up and we ask that residents abide by the traffic flow suggested by the map below.

Pedestrian Image

Residents found in either of these area will be considered to trespassing and face sanctions from the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

For your safety, we have added additional emergency phones and cameras in several locations as students walk around the construction site to visit friends south of the construction site.  Residents are advised to use Sheridan Road or Winthrop Avenue and not the alleys when traveling south.

As our campus continues to grow and improve for you and students in the future, we intend to keep you informed.  Updates can be found regularly on our website under the “Housing Expansion” link.

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