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How to Get Involved

Yesterday inaugurated the new semester, highlighted with the Welcome Barbeque. It’s great to see the campus return to life, and to see new and familiar faces.

There are many ways to be involved in the life of the Department this semester. Many of you are taking classes, teaching classes, and working as teaching and research assistants. There are also several extracurricular ways to interact with your colleagues. Here are a few:

-The Association for Graduate Students in Philosophy (AGSP): This is your graduate student organization for advocacy, resources, and input. Contact AGSP President Thomas Bretz with questions or suggestions at

-Writing Group: This is a great way to get feedback on projects in progress. Each week, various students present their work and engage in follow-up discussion. For more details, contact Rebecca Scott at

-Translation Groups: These are not instructional groups, but they do provide opportunities for students to keep their language skills fresh (or to break the rust off). All skill levels are welcome to participate. For French or German, contact Corbin Casarez at

-Reading Groups: Several groups have formed to tackle specific texts or topics. For each group, contact the designated person for more information. Levinas – Rebecca Scott (; Metaethics – David Atenasio (; Gadamer – Corbin Casarez (

-Mid-week Social: Informal gatherings happen all the time, so keep your ears perked for the latest buzz. There will be an attempt to have a regular social night on Wednesdays for those wishing to break up the week. A regular meeting place will be established soon; if you would like to keep in the loop, please e-mail Corbin Casarez at

Information about upcoming colloquia and other opportunities will be advertised as those events approach. If you have a relevant event or activity to promote, please contact Corbin Casarez at

Graduate Student Welcome Barbeque

JPGforBBQBBQ Sign August 25th 2014


Fall Activity Groups for Loyola Graduate Students

In preparation for the fall semester, we asked for suggestions of activity groups. Here is a list of those suggestions, as well as the contact person for that group. Note that some groups may or may not run, depending on how much interest is shown, so it is better to indicate your interest now and drop later than to reserve your voice now and then try to join later. Please e-mail the contact person for the groups in which you are interested by Friday, August 22; groups which generate enough interest to run will be announced via the AGSP listserv and the Philosophy Orientation on Monday, August 25.

Reading Groups

Agamben (text TBD), Jake Nabasny (

Analytic Metaethics (articles TBA), Dave Atenasio (

Derrida (text TBD), Jake Nabasny (

Gadamer (Truth and Method, starting at II.4.2), Corbin Casarez (

Heidegger (Being and Time), Corbin Casarez (

Hermeneutics (text TBD, maybe Rorty or Ricoeur), Allan Breedlove (

Levinas (text TBD), Rebecca Scott (

Translation Groups

French, Corbin Casarez (

German, Corbin Casarez (

(note: there is a Greek class on Friday evenings that grad students can sit in on with faculty permission)


Writing Group, Rebecca Scott (

Contemporary Research Group (may not run), Dave Atenasio (

Novice Sports (basketball, wiffleball, soccer, etc.), Corbin Casarez (

Fall Term Approaching!

I know, it doesn’t seem possible that summer break is almost over, but with just over two weeks left before the semester starts, it’s time to start coordinating our fall activities.

If you have an activity or group that you would like to organize and/or publicize, please e-mail Corbin at He’s gathering ideas and will send out a call via the AGSP listserv and this blog the week before classes. We would like to have an idea of what extra-curricular groups will be running before the orientation, so that we can share them with the new cohort right from the start.

Looking forward to your ideas! And don’t forget about the Welcome Back Barbecue on August 25 (details to come)!