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Lecture: Marcus Duewell, “Human Dignity as the Basis of Human Rights,” Loyola, Feb. 7


Alumnus Mark McCreary encouraging students to live well by doing good


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via Iowa newspaper The Gazette.

Sartre Reading Group meeting time [edited]

From the group’s organizer, Jake:

If anyone is interested in an informal Sartre reading group, we will meet Tuesday, January 29th at 9:45pm** at Oasis (north on Sheridan from campus). The first reading will be the introduction and first chapter (“The Dogmatic Dialectic and the Critical Dialectic”) of Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason, which is about 40 pages. The venue may change after the first meeting depending on level of interest. If you have any questions about the logistics of the meeting, email me (jnabasny [at] luc [dot] edu) and I’ll try to help/accommodate them.



PRG Newsletter 1/22/13

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Phenomenology Research Group Workshop: Body, Space, and Imagination – Loyola, Jan 26, 2pm

CORRECTION: Please note that the workshop starts at 2pm (not at 12:30pm, as stated in the above flyer).

Graduate Teaching Group meeting time

This semester a teaching discussion group for graduate students is starting up. They’ll be meeting in the grad lounge one Thursday per month, at 3pm. This month’s meeting is on January 31st.

No set list of topics has been proposed, but the hope is that this will be a place for graduate students interested in becoming better teachers to come and share their concerns, strategies, and hard-won wisdom.

Contact Rebecca Scott for more info, rscott [at] luc [dot] edu.

Virtue Ethics Reading Group meeting time

The virtue ethics reading group is getting started back up again. Meetings will take place on Mondays at 3:30pm, location TBD. Next week, January 28th, is the first meeting. They’ll be discussing Julia Annas’ “Virtue Ethics,” her entry in the Oxford Handbook of Ethical Theory. 

Contact Robby Duncan for more info, rduncan1 [at] luc [dot] edu.

Hypatia Reviews Online (HRO) – NOW LIVE – as of January 15, 2013

From the Hypatia listserv:

We are pleased to announce that HRO – the new online venue for Hypatia  book reviews – is now up and running!  We launch HRO with five new Hypatia book reviews and a very full archive of past reviews: a set of reviews that appeared online in 2004, and links to all the reviews since published in regular issues of the journal.


HRO is open access; all HRO reviews are available online at:


If you’re interested in reviewing for HRO, or can recommend books for review, please contact the Hypatia Book Review Editor, Sharyn Clough, either directly or through the Hypatia Editorial Office: /



Hypatia Editorial Office


via Diana Tietjens Meyers 

CANCELLED: Terry Penner on Plato’s dialogues and analytic philosophy, Northwestern, Jan 18th

Via Ancient Philosophy Workshop. Post below.

Upcoming German Philosophy Events at DePaul




Pierre Keller

(University of California, Riverside)

“Kant’s World-Concept of Philosophy and the Very Idea of a Phenomenological Philosophy”

WHEN: January 31st, 4:30 WHERE: DePaul University, John T. Richardson Library, 2350 N. Kenmore Avenue, Dorothy Day Room 400, Chicago, IL 60614




A Book Discussion on Avery Goldman

Kant and the Subject of Critique: On the Regulative Role of the Psychological Idea (Indiana University Press)


Speakers: Ian Blecher (School of the Art Institute of Chicago); Andrew Cutrofello (Loyola University); Pierre Keller (University of California, Riverside); Rachel Zuckert (Northwestern University); with response by Avery Goldman.


WHEN: February 1st, 4:00 p.m. WHERE: DePaul University, John T. Richardson Library, 2350 N. Kenmore Avenue, Rosati Room 400, Chicago, IL 60614



Events are Co-sponsored by the Departments of Philosophy of Northwestern and DePaul Universities.

The Phenomenology Research Group has a fabulous new site! Check it!

For those of you who don’t know about the PRG, here’s the blurb from their site’s “About” section (also, shame on you!):

The Phenomenology Research Group (PRG) at Loyola University Chicago is a joint student-faculty initiative dedicated to advancing research in phenomenology. The PRG is open to the entire academic community of Loyola University, Chicago, the greater Midwest, and beyond. Inter-disciplinary approaches are welcome. Seminars and workshops will be held on a regular basis to present research and inspire new directions in contemporary phenomenology.

The  PRG was founded in 2012 by Dr. Hanne Jacobs, Thomas Bretz, Rebecca Scott, Giancarlo Tarantino, Sean Petranovich, and Mike Gutierrez.

This group is an exciting development for the department and for phenomenologists in and around Chicago. For those of you are interested in being involved and/or following the work that they’re doing, there’s a link to their Facebook page (and their site) in the right sidebar on this blog.  You can subscribe to their newsletter here.

Keep up the good work, y’all!

Colloquium: Andrew Benjamin, “Contra Heidegger’s Descartes: Recovering Relationality,” Loyola, Jan 17th

From Michael Gutierrez (of the PRG):
On Thursday the 17th, the internationally renowned scholar Andrew Benjamin (Monash University) will deliver a talk titled  “Contra Heidegger’s Descartes: Recovering Relationality”. We’re lucky to have him and it should be a great talk so please do show up: 2-4pm, Crown Center, Room 530. Snacks & bevvies! Any last minute schedule changes (not anticipating any, but…) should be here:

Loyola Philosophy Run Club

Some philosophers are getting together to run on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The runs will start and end on campus (1-5 miles, depending on the day). If you didn’t get the schedule or would just like more details, get in touch with Lay, Philosophy Run Club President. All are welcome!

ATTN Graduate Students: Becky needs your info!

We are updating Current Graduate Student bios on the new website. Please provide the following information that you would like updated:
– Program
– Interests
– E-mail address (primary)
– Any link to a personal website/page, OR another fact about yourself that you would want posted
Please see Asaf Bar-Tura’s as an example of what we are looking to do:
Warm regards,

CFA: First Annual Workshop on Food Justice and Peace: Bringing Theory and Practice Together, Due Feb 15th

Call for Abstracts for the First Annual Workshop on Food Justice and Peace: Bringing Theory and Practice Together

At Michigan State University Lansing, Michigan April 12th-13th

Organized with
The Shalom Center for Peace and Justice, Lansing, MI
and the Philosophy Department of Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

While there has currently been a large amount of work done on food justice both on the ground and in academia, very little of it connects insights gained in both arena. This workshop aims to help scholars and practitioners identify and address the challenges and opportunities in food justice, particularly coming out of the local food movement. The conference will last two days: one day for academic talks and presentations, and another day for tours of places in the greater Lansing area where people are already working in their communities to address these issues. Academic papers are encouraged to be aimed at a broad audience, and ideally would also be focused on how theory can interact with practice.

Paper proposals and posters are invited in areas such as

  1. Local Food, Small Scale Agriculture, and CSA Projects
  2. Food Justice
  3. Ecology
  4. Social Epistemology
  5. The Ethics of Food
  6. Sustainability

The deadline for abstracts is FEBRUARY 15TH. Acceptance decisions will be made by MARCH 1ST. Please submit abstracts and any questions to