Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery

Posted on: February 20th, 2014 by Aaron Lauve


This is the centennial year of much beloved Martin Gardner’s birth. In honor of this great puzzlemeister and mathematics popularizer, the theme for this year’s Math Awareness Month is “Mathematics, Magic, and Mystery.”

What is your favorite mathematical puzzle?

I’d love to hear it—and will collect the results in a subsequent post in April.

Hint: knock on any math prof’s door and ask to borrow a Gardner book (they’re sure to have one), or spend some time perusing old Scientific American issues in the Cudahy Stacks.

Update. Another “Hint”: A new puzzle is being revealed each day on the Math Aware website. Which is your favorite?

April 1. magic squares
April 2. braids
April 3. fibonacci cards
April 5. mind reading
April 7. hexaflexagons
April 8. geometric vanish  (a la S.Loyd)
April 9. number tricks
April 10. more card tricks
April 11. (un)knots
April 12. ??

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