“The inclusive and welcoming community” – Michael Simonet


Michael Simonet

Hometown: Stillwater, Minnesota

Undergraduate Degree: BA, Marketing Management & Philosophy, University of St. Thomas

Why did you choose Loyola for law school in five words or less:
The inclusive and welcoming community

What do you like best about Loyola?:
The helpful faculty, administration, and classmates are my favorite things about Loyola. Everyone here wants me to succeed and do well, and that is not necessarily common at every law school. I also like the fact that the Corboy Law Center is only a few blocks from Michigan Avenue and the Loop. It makes taking a quick break to run out into the city much more enjoyable.

Favorite law professor and why:
My property teacher Professor Sag is very clear about the course topics, and I learned so much in his class. I had no idea about anything property law-related before going into law school, and his class was definitely one I learned the most from. He is also very entertaining and funny, which is always a plus.

Areas of interest:
Corporate Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Real Estate Law

Extra-curricular activities:
Student Bar Association; Admissions Office, Student Ambassador; Alternative Dispute Resolution Society

One of my favorite experiences at Loyola was the day of service that was held at the beginning of fall semester. It provided students with an opportunity to meet and work with fellow classmates and get involved in the Chicago community. I am still friends with the students I worked with. The activity also demonstrates Loyola’s commitment to public interest, and giving back to the community.

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