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Welcome Back/Halas Addition Project Begins!


We are extremely regretful that we have not updated our blog for almost 3 months!!


Damen Student Center Grand Opening

The SCB Fireplace Lounge featured on the 2nd Floor of the Damen Student Center

As many of you readers already might know, we are formally opening the doors to the Damen Student Center on April 3rd, 2013 at 9AM!! We will be opening the doors to the Damen Dining Hall on Monday, April 1st-2nd to accommodate for student meal plans, due to the fact that Rambler Room is closing its doors on Friday, March 29 to prepare for the move to Damen. Access to the rest of the Damen Student Center will be restricted on those days.


Let’s Go Inside!


As the weather begins to get colder and snowier,


Raise the Roof!


The Arnold J. Damen, S.J. Student Center is about 6 months away from its Grand Opening and it finally looks like a full building…almost!! All of the steel has been placed and the cement poured. Now most of the structural touches that remain include dry wall and framing. As you can see by some of the new pictures […]


Fall Progress: The Last of Steel


The beginning of the Fall semester brings more progress