As Loyola embarks on the next few years under construction, this site intends to bridge the gap between the construction projects on campus and student life at Loyola University Chicago. Not only will this site deal with construction projects on Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus, but this site will cover construction projects at the Water Tower, Maywood, and even the John Felice Rome Center campuses.

We understand that many of you see construction as yet another headache in your already hectic life as a student, faculty member, or staff member. However, we hope that this site will be able to pull you a little closer to the projects that are happening around you. This site will feature up to date photos of all of the construction projects at Loyola, most specifically those projects that are associated with Loyola’s Reimagine Campaign. In addition, this site will feature a live video feed of the Alumni Student Center construction.

The site will mostly be updated by Loyola’s Division of Student Development, as we look to provide information from a student perspective including how the projects, etc. affect student life both in and out of the classroom. Loyola’s Division of Facilities Management will also use this site as a resource to update students, staff, faculty, and the entire university community on building openings/closings, road closures, and anything else construction related on any campus.

We look forward to providing current information that will truly show the construction process from a “behind the fence” perspective. Please feel free to visit the FAQ page of this site for questions or to Contact us if you have any questions.