Let’s Go Inside!


As the weather begins to get colder and snowier, progress on the Arnold J. Damen, S.J. Student Center is getting warmer and detail-focused. The building is now enclosed, allowing for constructions crews to work in a warm environment and not worry about the weather getting in the way of the building completion!

From the attached pictures, you can see that lots of dry wall has already made its way into the building. A few pictures show the Student Activities and Greek Affairs offices that actually look like offices (with windows)! There is also a picture of an overhang just outside of the main atrium. This overhang will turn in to the grand staircase (similar to the Information Commons) with the main Information desk nearby.

One of the pictures shows a white wall. Although this doesn’t look like much, it is the first sign of paint in the building – exciting stuff! Although it is a basement dining service area, we will begin to see rooms and suites being completed and painted within the next few months! As we make our way to the lower level, Ireland’s is looking great! There’s a picture with some red pegs in the background. These will hold the bar with the TV’s being installed over the holes in the dry wall above. As we make our way outside, you can even see sidewalk concrete poured for the North entrance of the Damen Student Center.

Loyola is very excited for the Grand Opening in April 2013! Over the next few months, we will continue to update you with blog posts and some videos getting everyone excited for the opening! For our first video now being shown at Basketball Games in Gentile Area, click here:  Arnold J. Damen, S.J. Student Center.

We hope you and your families had a restful, enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday!


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