Fall Progress: The Last of Steel


The beginning of the Fall semester brings more progress to the Arnold J. Damen, S.J. Student Center!!

The steel beams on the south end of the buildings have been raised and the building is looking great!! Window frames and windows are nearly complete on the North End of the building and roof work on that side continues. You can see by some of the pictures that the elevator in the northwest corner has been installed – though it is still not operational.

One picture shows the new dining facility in the Damen Student Center! You can see part of the wall frames and designs that will eventually be part of the aesthetics of the space. It looks like it is going to be a great, new facility!! Notice cement stairs in one of the pictures. Those stairs are part of the Basement Pub. The Pub will have a few different levels that are already taking shape!

The new cinema in the Student Center 115-120 students, perfect for ((dop)) movie nights and other student programming events. You can see the picture with different levels where the seats will be. The space, although inside the walls of Halas, will be operational when the Student Center opens. Just outside of the cinema will be the Damen Center’s atrium. This will be a large space and will be amazing for students to get work done! The atrium’s roof will be a skylight. You may have noticed the skylight in the construction staging area. It is much easier for the crews to assemble it there and then use a crane to get it to its destination. The skylight is HUGE – 80 feet long and 36 feet wide.

Crews hope to have the building  ”air tight” by the end of October. They simply want this goal so that they remain on schedule. The Damen Student Center will also be switched over to the CFSU boiler system around mid-to-end of October which is a big deadline. That will allow the building to stay warm in the winter months!! As you can see great progress has been made…with even more still to go!!
Stay tuned for more updates!


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