Summer Successes!


With summer almost over and students moving in to the Residence Halls this week, we are extremely satisfied with the progress on the Arnold J. Damen, S.J. Student Center over the summer months!!

As you can see by some of the new pictures, steel has been placed on the south and east ends of the building and will continue over the next month. Significant progress has also been made inside the building. You can see dry wall installation where the new dining facilities will be. In particular, you can see where the tray drop-off is (rectangular hole in the wall picture) and where the servery is (rounded wall picture). There is also a great picture of the Multipurpose Room to check-out!

Over the summer months, a tunnel was constructed that connects the current CFSU with the Damen Student Center so that deliveries can be made to the building. There is a picture of the exterior of the tunnel before the cement walkway was poured. You can also see scaffolds lining the interior of the tunnel as progress continues on that portion. With the tunnel complete, the construction process is slowed slightly because trucks no longer have the second entry point to deliver to the building. The only entry point is no back to the Halas Field area.

All-in-all, great things have been done this summer!! We will continue to keep you all posted on the progress of the student center, but remember to view our Live Webfeed on the Loyola Progress homepage to stay updated!

Happy start of school!!


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