Interior and Tunnel Progress


With less than 6 weeks left until the students are back and the campus becomes a busy place, Phase 3 of the ReImagine Campaign is quickly progressing.

Several pictures give you a view of the Damen Student Center from the roof of Mertz Hall. Not only do they show you the progress that has been made on the north end, but they also emphasize the fact that the south end still needs a lot of work…so the building is not almost finished!! You also get a great view of the tunnel being constructed between the current CFSU sub-basement and the basement of the Student Center. The two buildings are now fully connected!

There is also a picture of the outline of an office on the second floor Ministry suite. You can see where there will be some electrical outlets in the walls, but they are not yet live! Office outlines will continue through the rest of the summer.

There is a picture that shows a room with a cement floor. That is the new cinema that is progressing in the facade of Halas. The concrete is a new addition and the room is starting to take shape. As window installation continues, you can also see that some windows have more details that others depending on where in the building they are being placed.

Stay tuned here for updates as construction continues and enjoy the rest of your summer!!


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