Window and Dry Wall Additions


With the beatufiul summer Chicago weather, construction crews have been able to make great progress on the Arnold Damen, S.J. Student Center. As you can see by some of the pictures, window frames have been placed on the north and west ends of the building. Window installation is ongoing in both of these areas.

Beginning with the northwest corner of the building, dry wall installation can also be seen. Since the building isn’t entirely enclosed at this point, the dry wall being used is water proof in case any water does sneak in to the student center. As the building is constructed, you can see stairwells being installed. These stairwells are not secured until the crews are certain they are in the right place (i.e., before securing them, they may need to move a few inches in one direction). With that, there is currently only one accessible stairwell in the student center. Work has also continued on the second floor where work is being done on the large multipurpose room and third floor mechanical room.

Although it may look like the student center is set to open by the new year, the building is far from being complete! The north and west ends may look nearly finished, however, if you were to look at the Live Video Feed on this blog, you will see that the east and south ends do not yet have a steel beams or building support. Over the next month, the rest of the steel will be installed, so that when students come back in August, most of the building will be enclosed and work can continue on the inside.

Lastly, if you have been in the area, you know that the path from Gentile Arena to Centennial Forum is closed for construction of a tunnel between the CFSU sub-basement and the Student Center basement. Crews have installed water-proof sheeting and steel beams over the last few weeks and have dug down nearly 20 feet. CFSU lost A/C for a few weeks in June because the A/C line was in the way of construction. As the tunnel has progressed, CFSU has A/C!

Stay tuned here for more updates as to construction progress and let us know if you have any questions!


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