Progress on North and West End


Progress continues on the north and west ends of the Damen Student Center. The brick exterior along the north end of the building is complete (including final sealing). Besides a possible quick power-wash when the building is complete, no more work will be done to it (except for the addition of windows, of course). Until the window panes, which have already been delivered, are installed, you can walk right from through the Student Center onto the level ground outside. The support walls and brick exterior along the west side of the building has begun. As you can see by one of the pictures, there is a small amount of space between the Student Center and the El-Tracks. Since there will be windows facing this area, there has been some talk around creating an outdoor backdrop.

Some spaces are also starting to take shape. There’s a picture of where the new Student Activities and Greek Affairs offices will be and the restroom that is down the hall. You can also see, by the canopy that overhangs the entrance, that there are no 90* angles in the building. The multipurpose room is looking quite large and there’s a view of a steel beam with an orange highlight on it. The MPR will be able to be divided in two and that is where the screen will go.

The pathway leading from CFSU to the Gentile Arena is closed for most of summer to allow for a service tunnel to be constructed leading from the CFSU Sub-Basement to the Damen Student Center Basement. No delivery trucks will have direct access to the building, so this will allow for Aramark food deliveries.

It may look like the building is nearing completion, but, as you can see by several pictures, the south and east ends of the building have yet to be constructed. Construction is now beginning for the groundwork of the building and will continue through the summer and in to the school year. Spring 2013 is still the projected opening.

For more recent pictures, be sure to check out the “All Access: Behind the Fence” page. For a live camera feed of the construction, click on the “Live Feed Click to View” button.


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