The Exterior Appears!


If you have seen the New Student Center recently, you will see that progress on the north and northwest sides is moving along. The steal and pan-decking for this area is complete (see previous posts) and “masonry” is quickly progressing. Masonry is the phase of construction where the cinderblock framing is installed. The cinderblocks act with the steel beams to support the building. Before the insulation (the blue layer that you currently see on the northside) is attached, the masonry phase is followed by black coating. The black coating on the cinderblocks acts as a last defense barrier against water and air infiltration should the outer layer and insulation let it through. The brick layer, which has started along the north end, does not support the building in any way. It just makes it look spectacular! Although the building will look close-to-complete on the north and northwest side by the end of summer, remember that it is being constructed in “pieces”. The south and southeast side (though you may not be able to see) are not on the same schedule and will be the next phase for the crew. A few pictures show the view of the building from the southeast corner. It looks like the building is slanted or the picture wasn’t taken right. Wrong! There are no 90* angles in the building. They are only 80* and 100* to allow for better support. The building will have a basement, first, and second floor. What looks like a third floor will be an electrical storage space for the building. Concrete has already been partially poured on the second floor and you can see a back stairwell that is still not accessible for crew use (because it is not secured). Take a look at the cement truck that is coming up the ramp from the basement of the building. Crews have used the ramp to get most of their supplies in to the basement while they still can. Over the next few weeks, the ramp will be filled in and the construction will continue on the rest of the building. The last picture shows a view of the Halas Center from the first floor of the student center. The Halas Center wall has been removed to make way for the new cinema–but there will be a permanent wall installed as part of the construction! Stay tuned to this site for updates throughout the summer months! Also, look out for the official announcement for the new name of the Student Center coming soon!!


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