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Student Reflections on the L. Edward Bryant, Jr. National Health Law Transactional Competition

By Serj Mooradian and Ben VanGelderen

We recently participated in the L. Edward Bryant, Jr. National Health Law Transactional Moot Court Competition.  We were part of one of eighteen teams that competed here at Loyola School of Law.  The competition consisted of writing a memorandum and preparing two presentations to advise a group of physicians about strategic options available for their licensed specialty hospital. The problem was constructed in a way that forced us to present a broad array of legal and business options for the clients in a simple, lay manner.

The experience was one of the best we have had in law school.  It provided us an opportunity to simulate presenting to clients in a real-life setting and get valuable feedback from prominent attorneys.  One of our judges told us that we gave a realistic presentation similar to one he had recently given to real life physician owners of a specialty hospital.  We learned a lot both about recent developments in health law as well as effectively presenting to clients, something that requires practice and feedback, both of which we received lots of throughout the course of preparing for the competition.

Special thanks to our teammate Matt Brothers and coach Carolyn Metnick and to the Beazley Institute for giving us the opportunity to compete.