Cloud computing and accounting

Still worried about losing receipts for your tax return? With cloud computing technology, you can use your smartphone to take photos of receipts and attach them to your tax return. Cloud computing is one of the most important developments in information technology in the past 10 years. It has been applied in bookkeeping, tax preparation, time and billing, scheduling, and workflow and document management. Some experts are still worried about cloud computing’s security risks because it involves extra transmission and storage of customers’ data. But suppliers argue that security can be ensured. For example, IRIS, a cloud storage company, uses biometric scans to guard access to its data centers, has multiple firewalls, and frequent third-party security reviews. In my opinion, cloud computing will not only continue to revolutionize the accounting world, but also bring more and more benefits to everyone’s lives.

-Jiaqi Li

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Writing Center

Loyola University Chicago students take English core classes to gain better writings skills early on in their college careers. One resource that many students use and find helpful is Loyola’s Writing Center. The Writing Center helps students at any stage of the writing process.

Whether you’re writing a thesis, need help proofreading, or assistance creating an outline, they can do it all! The Writing Center is located on the second floor of the Information Commons. Students seeking services can make appointments online and come in to discuss their papers with English majors and writing professionals, but the best part about the Writing Center is you do not have to leave your dorm or apartment. Students can also Skype with the Writing Center or get feedback via email. The staff are very helpful and look forward to working with you to improve your writing along your Loyola journey.

-Caroline Casey

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Prevent Debit Card Fraud

Ever experienced Debit card Fraud? Well… your bank card might be a target for Hackers to defraud you. Click here to learn more about hot to protect your bank cards from fraud.

Submitted By: Chibuza Anaeto

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OS Updates

Have you been prompted to update your operating system software? Updating your device improves the general performance of the computer and the updated software is a vital component to actively working to maintain a healthy, active computer. Updated software helps you comply with security protocols and optimize the hardware.  Subsequently, you are installing security patches designed to prevent your information from becoming corrupt on site.  Additionally, optimization allows output with less power consumption, fewer bugs and faster performance. Essentially, the life span of your computer increases with the installation of legit software updates. Lastly, keep in mind, proper and timely software maintenance helps reduce the likelihood of having to purchase a new computer in shorter time frames.

Have a PC? Click here to find out which OS is installed.
Have a MAC? Click here to find out which OS is installed.

If you have questions about OS updates, checkout Microsoft’s website:

If you have questions about OS updates on your MAC, checkout Apple’s website:

Submitted By: Aparna Gollakota

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Clearing Cache

Having trouble accessing a certain website, but still have Internet access? You might need to clear your browser cache. On an Windows machine, an easy shortcut to clear the browser cache on Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer includes selecting CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE simultaneously. A Delete Browsing History prompt will appear and you can choose what to delete. On Mac computer (any web browser), navigate to History and select Clear History.

Submitted By: Aaron Bauer

Take a few minutes to pause – Anonymous

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Google’s Video Calling

Google released its own high-quality video calling on both iOS and Android. Want to learn more? Check out this link:  

Submitted By: Julia McCauley

We do not remember days, we remember moments – Cesare Pavese

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Tracking Behavior and Identification

As cyber security and the reliability of passwords decreases, fingerprint and retinal scans are becoming increasingly more popular. However, a newer form of biometrics is also making its way onto the market: tracking behavior as a means of identification. Read more here.

Submitted By: Katherine Philbrick

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention ~ Oscar Wilde

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Atomic Learning

Technology is constantly progressing every day. As you get older you might have noticed it is emerging into dynamics you wouldn’t have even imagined when you were younger. We’re living in the future now and as you come out of graduation and move into your career, you will realize the extreme necessity to have vast background knowledge with technological installations within many workplaces. Almost every job requires employees to know the basics of Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. For example, Word might be used to create letterhead whereas Excel may be used to display statistics within the company or even create the employee schedule.

Therefore, it is a good idea to have a good background on these programs as well as any others you think you might be exposed to. Checkout Atomic Learning for more information.

Submitted By: Kyla Hawkins

Embrace technology – Anonymous

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LUC Print Stations

Looking for some tips to reduce printing costs? Do you need to print from your laptop to one of Loyola’s 35 print stations? Find a list of the LUC print stations here  …courtesy of the Digital Media Lab.

Submitted By: Bill Christides

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Trusted Research Sources

As you move into advanced to upper level science classes, the course work requires you to review pieces of science news or research and apply what you learn. So how do you find a credible piece of information to either help you learn, or support your ideas? Use scholarly articles or accredited sources. Your best weapons are school databases or google scholar. These articles, while much more difficult to read, will give you the walk through of actual research going on. There is trust in the source! So when you are looking for information, maybe google it first and get some ideas for keywords, but always gather your actual information from a research database!

Submitted By: Valencia Panczyk

Research is creating new knowledge – Neil Armstrong

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