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  • December 12, 2017
  • 1:54 pm

Loyola-IPS Receives Grant from Henry Luce Foundation for Legacy Leaders Fellows Program

December 12, 2017

Loyola-IPS Receives Grant from Henry Luce Foundation for Legacy Leaders Fellows Program


The Henry Luce Foundation board of directors has just awarded a $250,000 grant to Loyola University Chicago-IPS in support of its proposed Legacy Leaders Fellows Program.

The Legacy Leaders Fellows Program, to be coordinated under the IPS Continuing Education umbrella, will bring together retiring CEOs (Legacy Leaders) from diverse backgrounds in an intense, structured setting that privileges spirituality and common purpose. This program of leadership education and theological reflection will encourage these Legacy Leaders to examine their interior lives and reflect on their experiences, so they may enter this new stage of life in an integrated, purposeful way.  They will encounter theologians, faculty members and students from various Jesuit universities including the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago, as well as spend time at the John Felice Rome Center in Italy.  Faculty from various Jesuit institutions, together with the directors of various apostolic institutions, will help educate these senior leader retirees in the theology and practice of spirituality and leadership in the next phase of their lives.  The CEO retirees, in turn, possess talents, skills and experiences they can share with the leaders of apostolic institutions.  Stronger relationships of mutual understanding between these two groups will offer tangible benefits to both, and to the larger communities that include them.

The Legacy Leaders Fellows Program expects to recruit the first cohort of at least ten students and begin classes as early as fall 2018.

The Henry Luce Foundation – 2017 Nov Grant Announcement


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