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  • March 15, 2018
  • 11:52 am

Photos from Lenten Retreat: “Living Your Life’s Transitions”

On March 10th, IPS and Loyola Alumni Relations co-sponsored a Lenten retreat facilitated by Joanne Cimbalo, Ph.D. and Sheila Morrow, M.A.

Close to 50 people attended the retreat, allowing for time to reflect on expectations of self during times of transition.

Change is constant, continuous, and often challenging.  The dynamics of change can affect our lives, our families, and our work in positive and negative ways.  Transition is the process we go through as we struggle to adapt to interior and exterior change.  All transitions begin with an ending and end in a new beginning.  Therefore, in times of transition, we may find ourselves reliving the Paschal Mystery of death and rebirth.  In this workshop we will discuss the beginning, middle, and ending phases of transitions and how living out that process affects our daily lives.  These are times that offer us an opportunity to reflect on our expectations of self and our own personal journeys.

For photos of the retreat, click here.





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