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Finding Your Passion

Have you found your passion in life yet?  I have, with the help of my coursework here at the Institute of Pastoral Studies.  I want to thank IPS for the direction and support they have given me as I have journied towards the completion of my MDiv degree.

I am also grateful to the academic programs here at Loyola that have allowed cross registration in other departments.  This semester I am taking a course in the Social Work department this semester – SOWK 632 – Social Work Practice with Older Adults with Dr. Marcia Spira.  This class has direct bearing on my career choice of working with older adults.  Look around, Loyola has the right courses for you wherever your passions take you.

  • By Chrissy on 11.13.2012 at 6:42 pm

    Thanks for a thoughtful reflection, Susann!