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My Journey to IP at Loyola University Chicago

(Not) Aboard the IP Train

I first heard about intellectual property (IP) law during my junior year of college. I had a friend in the school of engineering who planned to pursue a career in patent law. My friend explained to me that a patent is a way to protect someone’s invention. She also mentioned that patent law is a subset of a larger legal area called IP. When I asked how someone becomes a patent attorney, she said that you need a science degree. As an economics major, I was put-off by this statement. I thought that IP was not an option for me. I can gladly say that I was wrong. Before I explain why IP is an option for me, let me explain how I ended up at law school in the first place! Continue reading

Transparenc-IP: Government Spending You Can’t Know About

What does intellectual property (“IP”) have to do with government accountability?  As I learned a couple weeks ago, quite a bit.  But, let’s start with basic secrecy before we get into trade secrets.

Continue reading