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Leading by example

Leading by example

A quote displayed on the office door of St. Pius V principal Nancy Cullinan Nasko (BA ‘75) says a lot about how she approaches her job. “Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words.”

“People will judge you by the way you treat others,” she explains. Now in her 17th year as leader of […]

Talking trash

As anyone who’s seen (or smelled) the Chicago River can attest, the waterway contains a good amount of garbage. But what is it made of, and how does it affect the river’s ecosystem? Tim Hoellein, PhD, an aquatic ecologist in Loyola’s biology department, is on the case.

Two years ago, Hoellein and a group of students […]

Coming together for health research

On August 16, Loyola broke ground on a $137-million medical research and education building that will support nearly 500 scientists and staff working together to improve health.

The Center for Translational Research and Education is scheduled to open in April 2016 on the Health Sciences Campus in Maywood. The five-story, 227,000-square-foot building is a collaboration among […]

Providing safe passage

As the dean of Loyola’s School of Education, Michael Dantley knows the value of a safe learning environment. That’s why he helped students on the first day of school along a Safe Passage route outside McCutcheon Elementary School in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. After the Chicago Board of Education voted earlier this year to shut dozens […]

A right, not a privilege

Chicago residents who live in underserved neighborhoods often find that good health care is hard to come by. But Dr. Kisti Catalano (MD ‘97) is working to change that in Roseland, a Far South Side community that is hard hit by poverty and violence.

She practices internal medicine and pediatrics at a clinic run by Chicago […]

Illuminated by hand

Loyola has acquired an edition of the Saint John’s Bible, the only handwritten and illuminated Bible since the advent of the printing press more than 500 years ago. It was written and drawn entirely by hand using quills and paints hand-ground from precious minerals and stones. There will be a volume placed at each of […]

From the study to the stage

More than two years ago, Loyola adjunct professor Susan Felder gathered in a small Lake Shore Campus office with two students for a reading of her new play, Apocalypse Godot. The play, set in war-era Vietnam, told the story of two imprisoned young American soldiers. Raw, quickly written, and at only around 25 pages, it […]

Water, water everywhere (but not in a plastic bottle)

Beginning in 2013, no disposable plastic water bottles will be sold on campus, following a two-year studentled “UnCap Loyola” campaign. After two years of educational and advocacy efforts by the Student Environmental Alliance (SEA ) and the United Student Government Association (USGA ), the student body voted in favor of the ban through a referendum […]

Waste not, want not

Last November, the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy encouraged the Chicago community to donate leftover cooking oil from Thanksgiving meals to be turned into useful biodiesel. The center received about 60 gallons of donated oil, which, once processed and converted into biodiesel, fuels the shuttle buses that run between campuses. CUERP hopes to […]

A crash course in health

Childhood obesity is a well-documented public health issue. Untreated, it can lead to many health problems, including high blood pressure and diabetes. A group of Loyola faculty members and students are joining the fight against this national epidemic through a new undergraduate course called Community-based Research, Advocacy, and Service in Healthcare (CRASH).

Students are studying childhood […]