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Essential African-American Literature

By Badia Sahar Ahad, PhD Looking for a good book this winter? Badia Sahar Ahad, PhD, of the English department, offers suggestions on African-American literature everyone should read. The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison While Ellison’s work is notable for… Continue Reading →

The big questions

Fr. John Cunningham, PhD, has spent much of his academic career chasing heavy quarks and cosmic rays in elementary particle research. Currently his research interests center on astrophysics, where he and a team of other scientists are tracking down supernovae…. Continue Reading →

Forging links

If you’re not in the world of business, the phrase “supply chain management” may not exactly thrill you to your core. But it affects every consumer in the world, and it’s a rapidly changing system. Supply chain management focuses on… Continue Reading →

The essentials: piano

Anthony Molinaro, assistant professor of music, is a highly regarded concert pianist and composer who was called “an original, often iconoclastic thinker” by the Chicago Tribune. In other words, when he recommends essential piano recordings, he knows what he’s talking… Continue Reading →

Athenian democracy: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Democracy is a concept much on people’s minds today, particularly in light of current world affairs. As with other forms of government, democracy has strengths and weaknesses. From its origins in 6th century BCE Athens, it has spread and evolved… Continue Reading →

A few of my favorite things

Jonathan Canning, Martin D’Arcy Curator of Art for LUMA, discusses the five D’Arcy collection pieces that are closest to his heart.

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