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A new path

Senior Tony Minnick, an environmental science major, had experience in the classroom, but he wanted experience in the field as well. “I wanted to get my hands dirty,” he says. Nowhere could that desire be more literally fulfilled than at… Continue Reading →

Is your head in the game?

In August 2013, the NFL settled a lawsuit brought against it by former players who alleged that playing football led to Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders. The media and some researchers have claimed that the disorders result from a… Continue Reading →

Called to heal

The word vocation comes from the Latin vocare, “to call.” The new Physician’s Vocation Program at the Stritch School of Medicine aims to cultivate this sense of calling in medical students. John Hardt, PhD, vice president and associate provost of… Continue Reading →

Amy Lowell, diva poet

The word “diva” conjures up a number of occupations: opera singer, pop musician, actress. But Melissa Bradshaw, PhD, of the English department, researches a cultural phenomenon that has all but vanished from American society: the celebrity poet. Bradshaw’s recent book,… Continue Reading →


I walk down the garden paths, And all the daffodils Are blowing, and the bright blue squills. I walk down the patterned garden-paths In my stiff, brocaded gown. With my powdered hair and jewelled fan, I too am a rare… Continue Reading →

Seeing is believing?

Advertising is powerful. It affects much more than just what we buy—it can also affect how we think of others and of ourselves. Pamela Morris, PhD, researches the portrayals of women in advertising and how those portrayals are internalized by… Continue Reading →

Langston Hughes and compromise

The writer Langston Hughes is probably best known for his poetry within the Harlem Renaissance of the ‘20s and ‘30s, but his body of work and literary legacy extend far beyond his famous “jazz poems”—he also wrote essays, novels, and… Continue Reading →

A tradition of dissent

On April 18, the Vatican released a statement suggesting a full overhaul for the largest umbrella group of nuns in the U.S. (Leadership Conference of Women Religious). The Vatican said they believed the group had taken on “certain radical feminist… Continue Reading →

Meanwhile, back on the farm

This growing season has been an interesting time for the Loyola student farm. Our student-run business has really shown us how dependent we are on the delicate balance between sunshine and rainfall. With hardly a winter or spring to speak… Continue Reading →

An ounce of (legal) prevention

Emily Benfer, director of the Health Justice Project, speaks with students involved in the new clinic. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to come at it from all sides. The newest of the law school’s five clinics,… Continue Reading →