Dear Administrators, Students, Alumni and Fans,

I would like to extend my most sincere and deepest thank you to all who attended last night’s game against Wichita State making it the largest crowd in the newly renovated Gentile Arena. The energy you brought to Gentile Arena created an atmosphere that represents what college basketball is all about. Although the outcome was not what we worked for, it gives everyone a glimpse of the spirit we could have in our venue here at Loyola.  I want everyone to know that they truly make a difference. Your efforts to attend and bring along other students or fans is deeply appreciated by my entire staff and players.

The energy level that you created last night brings the community together, and adds to the Loyola experience for students and fans. It not only creates an edge for our own team, but it also creates an opposing force on each opponent that comes into Gentile Arena.  Last night you proved that we could have one of the loudest and best fan bases in college basketball, which will elevate our program as we move forward.

The atmosphere had a huge impact on other fronts as well. With a couple of our top recruits and their families in the arena last night, all they could talk about was the crowd and support, and the possibility of coming here to Loyola. This is a building block needed to elevate any program. Again, even though we didn’t win last night, I want you all to know how much I truly appreciate your efforts in creating a great atmosphere for college basketball and the Loyola experience. Our goal, which we all must strive for is to create this every home game.

Always remember in this great game of basketball, anything can happen in March. Please follow us down the stretch at Arch Madness for one of the greatest conference tournaments in the country.  The university is putting together a great travel package for all students to attend. For more information you can email archmadness@luc.edu. As someone who has played and coached at this event, I promise it will develop a Loyola tradition that you will look forward to every year.

Thanks again. Go Ramblers!

Porter Moser