Media Briefing Highlight:

Single Muslim Hipster Seeking Same? You May Be In Luck. – Marcia Hermansen (professor, theology) is quoted in this article discussing the differences in dating habits between Islamic and non-Islamic cultures. 11.30.13: National Public Radio

MEDIA BRIEFING: Week of December 2, 2013

This week’s briefing includes more than 12 media clips featuring Loyola University Chicago, all identified during the week of November 25, 2013. Below are the highlights.

Could Mockingjays From “The Hunger Games” Exist One Day? – Sushma Reddy (assistant professor, biology) is quoted in this article discussing the possible future existence of the mockingjay, a fictional bird species from The Hunger Games. 11.25.13: National Geographic

 “Thomas Zoells launches a world of sound on South Michigan Avenue – Anthony Molinaro (assistant professor, fine and performing arts) is quoted in this article discussing singer-pianist Yoko Noge’s new Chicago studio space, PianoForte Studios. 11.26.13: Chicago Tribune

University of Chicago endowment shows weaker return – Loyola University Chicago is mentioned in this article for its recent change in asset allocation in fiscal 2013. Eric Jones (treasurer and chief investment officer, Loyola University Chicago) is also quoted in the article. 11.26.13: Crain’s Chicago Business

Meet George McReynolds, Who Made Merrill Pay for Racial Bias – Michael Zimmer (clinical professor, School of Law) is quoted in this article discussing a recent lawsuit involving racial bias at Merrill Lynch & Co. 11.27.13: Bloomberg BusinessWeek

The Baby Veronica Saga: Denial of a Father’s Rights and Now a $1 Million Lesson – Bruce Boyer (clinical professor, School of Law) co-authored this article about Dusten Brown, an Iraq War veteran who was deceived into signing relinquishment papers that put his baby up for adoption. 11.27.13: The Huffington Post

Traditional dinner, new fuel – Loyola University Chicago’s Biodiesel Program is mentioned in this article for its collection of used cooking oil donations to fuel campus shuttle buses. 11.28.13: Chicago Tribune

Healthcare for the Homeless –  Students from Loyola University Chicago’s Stritch School of Medicine were featured on the WGN News at 5 p.m. for their partnership with West Suburban PADS to provide medical assistance to the homeless. This story aired on multiple broadcasts and also appeared on CLTV. 11.28.13: WGN-TV

Scale tips against students – The Loyola University Chicago School of Law is mentioned in this article for its recent decrease in enrollment due to a struggling job market in the law profession. David Yellen (dean, School of Law) is also quoted in the article. 12.01.13: Chicago Tribune

Preparing for annual National Retired Religious Collection – Sister Jean Schmidt (special assistant, ministry) is mentioned in this article as a contributor to an upcoming blog series that exhibits what her religious life has meant to her. 12.02.13: USCC Blog