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Crime Alert – laptop thefts in Baumhart Hall

Loyola Community,

The Department of Campus Safety is writing to notify you about two burglaries that occurred on Tuesday, November 12, between noon and 2:45 p.m., in Baumhart Hall.

In both cases the victims, Loyola students, left their unlocked apartments to run errands and attend classes and upon returning to their rooms discovered that someone had entered their rooms and removed their laptops.

Campus Safety is working closely with local authorities on this investigation. If anyone has information on the incident, please call Campus Safety at 773.508.6039 or the Chicago Police Department via 9-1-1. We also urge you to view the safety tips listed below.

  • Always keep your residence hall room door(s) locked, even when you are inside
  • Keep an inventory of valuable possessions and record serial numbers of electronic¬† devices
  • Don’t loan your keys to anyone; don’t mark your key chain with your name or address, as lost keys can lead to theft
  • Don’t let unfamiliar people into your room
  • Don’t prop open residence hall doors that are supposed to be locked
  • Call Campus Safety IMMEDIATELY if you see strangers loitering in, or around, the residence halls


Tom Murray
Chief of Police and Director of Campus Safety

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