A new bicycle ordinance, with a $200 fine for riding on Sheridan Road sidewalks, was shepherded through the Chicago City Council by Alderman Harry Osterman (48).  The law, which he sponsored, takes effect about November 4th. It is already illegal for person over 12 years of age to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk and the fine is $50 elsewhere in the city.

“Now, we are going to work on enforcement,” Osterman said. “We have seniors, the visually and physically challenged, and children using this walk and we intend to protect them from injury.” Osterman reminisced about the late Jack Winans, who lived at Malibu East and edited their newsletter. He related that every spring Jack would print up flyers showing the riders where the bike path was. He would stand in front of his building and stop the riders to tell them where they should be riding. Then he gave them a map. “Jack was committed to public safety,” Osterman said. “He would have been very pleased that this ordinance passed.”

The official city bike path is on Kenmore and Winthrop. Bicyclists have the option of walking their bikes if they want to stay on the Sheridan Road sidewalk. It is not recommended that they ride on the road itself.

Once Sheridan Road construction is complete, the 6300 block of Kenmore will be closed to vehicular traffic. However, there will be a bike path down the middle, which will continue through the North Campus of Loyola.