Loyola Community,

We’re writing today to let you know that the remaining calendar items – appointments dated July 19, 2013, to May 17, 2014 – have been migrated to faculty and staff accounts and are now in place. And we’d like to share a few final details about the process.

Please note that these issues apply only to calendar items that were created in GroupWise and moved to Outlook. Appointments created in Outlook since the upgrade should function as expected.

  • When we moved the first two months of data as part of the initial upgrade, some people noticed duplicate appointments for certain calendar entries. We were able to correct the process with the most recent batch of data, so you will not see duplications for these later appointments.
  • We were also able to reconcile an issue that was preventing Outlook from identifying meeting organizers (for appointments with multiple attendees). Please note, however, that while Outlook recognizes the organizer, changes that he or she makes to future appointments – including date, time, or location changes – will not change the original appointment on the attendees’ calendars; participants will get an email alerting them to the change, and the new information will create a new appointment on their calendars. If you need to change an appointment that you created, you should tell the attendees to manually delete the original meeting instance after they respond to the update. The same is true for meeting cancellations; attendees will be alerted with an email, but they will need to manually delete the appointment from their own calendars.
  • As a reminder, recurring appointments moved from GroupWise will appear in your calendar but will not be linked together. If you manage a recurring appointment, we recommend that you re-create it within Outlook to regain full functionality.

If you have any questions about your calendar, please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@luc.edu or 773.508.4487.

Information Technology Services