Note: This information only applies to lakeside and Niehoff School of Nursing faculty and staff.

Loyola Community,

This week the Information Technology Services e-mail project team is turning off the auto archive and auto delete features in GroupWise. We’re doing this to prepare your archives so we can move them as part of the upcoming e-mail migration. As a reminder, we’ll be automatically migrating the last two years of your archives. For more information, see the links below.

Please know that you will still have access to everything that’s currently in your archive, but we ask that you not manually add or delete any archive messages or change your archive’s folder structure. Such changes will not be permanent and could result in missing messages later.

If you were hoping to clean up your archive or reorganize your folders, we ask that you wait to do so until after the new system goes live on May 20.

Since announcing the e-mail migration plans, we’ve received a number of great questions and we recently revised the e-mail project web site. We will continue to post the latest news on the site and we encourage you to check back every few weeks. The most recent updates include additions to the “How to Prepare” page, along with a new page, “More About Your Archives.” You can visit these pages for answers to questions like:

  • What if I need more than two years’ worth of my archive?
  • What if I changed the location of my archive?
  • How will I access my migrated archive in Outlook?
  • What is and isn’t being moved as part of the migration?
  • Where can I get information on documentation and training?

If you have any further questions, please send a note to

Information Technology Services