Jacqueline Hamilton sees a lot of nervous faces in the Department of Psychology, and she makes it a point to learn the name of every one. One of Hamilton’s duties as an administrative assistant in the Department of Psychology is to work closely with the Director of Clinical Training to choose candidates to interview for the clinical psychology PhD program.

“It’s really intense because you  have students who are coming in and their whole lives are going to change. They’re on this whole new journey,” Hamilton says. “It is kind of a tradition now that I get to know everyone’s last name, really as a way of making them feel more comfortable.”

This attention to detail and compassion for others are only a few of Hamilton’s characteristics that earned her the February Monthly Commitment to Excellence Award. The award was established by the University Staff Council to recognize superior performance and achievement by staff members.

Hamilton says she finds it encouraging to be nominated and honored by her peers for this award. Marilyn Domingo, office coordinator in the psychology department, says Hamilton is a valuable staff member who works very well with the graduate directors.

Hamilton first came to Loyola in 1981 as a receptionist for the School of Nursing. She says working there helped broaden her skill set, which she then was able to transfer to different positions, such as her current position in the psychology department.

Hamilton uses her skills to oversee the faculty members and the three graduate programs, in addition to her tasks as an administrative assistant. She says her favorite part is working with all the psychology students.

“I really enjoy the students and seeing them graduate and helping them through that process,” Hamilton says. “My favorite part is seeing the students be successful.”

Additionally, Hamilton says the psychology department is very close-knit.

“What I like about the psychology department is the collegiality. There’s a lot of different people here, but it’s really like a little community within a community,” Hamilton says.

Overall, Hamilton says she just wants to give back to Loyola for helping her get to where she is today.

“One of the things that is really important to me is being able to give back to the Loyola community because I have gotten a lot from Loyola,” Hamilton says. “I’ve learned a lot, I’ve been able to move into better positions, and I got all the skills I have because of Loyola.”

Congratulations, Jacquie, on earning this honored distinction!