For seniors, the bittersweet realization that the college experience will soon be over is fast approaching. While students prepare to move on from Loyola, they can still leave a legacy by donating a senior class gift.

The senior class gift is a donation of at least $20.13, reflecting the class’s graduating year. Students can decide what organization, department, or group on campus they want their donation to benefit. If seniors don’t have a preference, their donation will go into the Senior Class Gift Fund, which helps seniors who find themselves needing financial support.

“The senior class gift is a way for seniors to give back after their four years of being at school,” says Maddie Shearer, senior class gift officer. “It celebrates the generosity of our Jesuit tradition.”

Shearer, a junior advertising/public relations major with a minor in English, says the class gift is also a way to show appreciation for the resources Loyola is able to give to its students, such as updated technology, study areas, and scholarships.

Seniors who donate a full class gift will receive a pin to wear on their graduation robes, be recognized at Commencement, and receive an invitation to the senior donor reception, which will be held in April.

Emily Carragher, a senior double major in advertising/public relations and international studies, decided to donate a senior class gift to recognize the unique education and experiences that Loyola offered her.

“It’s important because it’s a validation by the students of the University that they are grateful for not just the opportunity, but the uniqueness of Loyola’s education,” she says.

Carragher decided to designate her gift to the School of Communication because it helped her make strong connections, including ones with her professors.

Amanda Keaney, a senior operations management major, donated her senior gift to Women’s Club Rugby, which she says played an important part of her college experience.

“Rugby is the biggest club team on campus, so we have high expenses that constraint our budget,” Keaney says. “I wanted to support the team that really helped me grow into who I am today.”

Earlier in the semester, Loyola released a video featuring Sister Jean as a campaign of sorts to try to encourage seniors to donate. Last year, there were 890 donations, including the $1 contribution to the Senior Class Gift Fund that automatically comes out of tickets for senior send-off events. Shearer says this year’s seniors are already on a good track to pass that number and urges seniors to continue to pay it forward.

“It’s really important to celebrate that generosity that we’ve experienced here for four years and give back in a way that is important to us,” Shearer says.

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