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Media Briefing Highlight:

“A Final and a Beginning” – Multiple members of Loyola’s 1963 men’s basketball team are quoted in this article documenting the historic “Game of Change.” 03.02.13: The New York Times

MEDIA BRIEFING: Week of March 11, 2013

This week’s briefing includes more than 29 media clips featuring Loyola University Chicago, all identified during the week of February 25, 2013. Below are the highlights.

Northwestern, University of Chicago see rise in donations”Loyola University Chicago is mentioned in this article as one of Chicago’s leading universities, in terms of donations. 02.19.13: Crain’s Chicago Business

“Modified Protein Could Become First Effective Treatment for Vitiligo Skin Disorder”Caroline Le Poole (professor, Stritch School of Medicine) is mentioned in this article as a contributing researcher that recently discovered a protein that reverses the skin disorder vitiligo. A version of this story appeared in the Chicago Tribune. 02.25.13: Newswise

“Antitrust crackdown on the rise”Spencer Waller (professor, School of Law) is quoted in this article discussing antitrust laws in the health care industry. 02.26.13: Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

“Documenting the Undocumented”Loyola University Chicago is mentioned in this article as a contributor to a recent study regarding education reform for undocumented students. 02.26.13: Inside Higher Ed

“Voice of the People, Feb. 26”Frederick Kaefer (associate professor, Quinlan School of Business) is mentioned in this article discussing the financial problems of the United States Postal Service. 02.26.13: Chicago Tribune

Loyola University Chicago is mentioned on Univision as a contributing university to a study regarding immigration reform. 02.26.13: KCEC-TV

“4 Ways to Be More Optimistic”Fred Bryant (professor, psychology) is quoted in this article describing different ways for women to become more optimistic. 02.27.13: Women’s Health

“Insurers are hiring lawyers, with an eye on privilege”Don Sampen (adjunct professor, School of Law) is quoted in this article discussing the recent trend of law school graduates working as insurance adjusters. 03.01.13: ABA Journal

“February homicides drop dramatically”Art Lurigio (professor, criminal justice) is quoted in this article discussing Chicago’s decline in homicides during the month of February. A version of this story appeared on UPI.com. 03.01.13: Individual.com

Current Loyola student Devon West was interviewed by ABC 7 News in Rome about the search for the next pope. 03.02.13: WLS-TV

“Cell blocks”David Olson (professor, criminal justice) is quoted in this article discussing the cost of incarcerating prisoners. 03.04.13: The Chicago Reporter

“In the News”James Gathii (professor, School of Law) is mentioned in this article for his upcoming induction as Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Wing-Tat Lee Chair in International Law. 03.04.13: Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

“Postal proposal not harmful to business”Frederick Kaefer (associate professor, Quinlan School of Business) penned this editorial discussing the United States Postal Service’s announcement that it will discontinue Saturday mail delivery. 03.04.13: Daily Herald

David Olson (professor, criminal justice) appeared on NBC 5 News to speak about alternatives to incarceration for criminals. 03.04.13: WMAQ-TV

“Loyola men’s basketball chaplain, a 93-year-old nun, is full of team spirit” – Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt (special assistant, ministry) is featured in this article, which describes her significant role in Loyola athletics. This article appeared in multiple outlets. 03.05.13: Chicago Tribune

“McCord explores World War II”Ted Karamanski (professor, history) is mentioned in this article as a lecturer at the opening of a World War II exhibit at McCord Gallery & Cultural Center. 03.07.13: The Regional News

“The Dean’s Office: Why The ABA Is Resistant To Change”David Yellen (dean, School of Law) penned this editorial describing the American Bar Association’s response to the current legal education crisis. 03.07.13: Above The Bar

Richard Matland (professor, political science) appeared on C-SPAN to speak about the American experience. 03.09.13: C-SPAN-TV

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