If you visited LUC.edu on Tuesday, you probably noticed some big changes.

We’ve redesigned it to make it brighter, bolder, and better organized—and, more importantly, to provide a compelling window into the University and its outstanding academic offerings.

On the new home page you’ll find many academic stories about the cutting-edge research being done at Loyola; about the innovative ways that students learn in—and out of—the classroom; about how students interact with stellar faculty; and how Loyola provides students with a transformative education.

We’ve redesigned several inside pages to also highlight our academic excellence and to better display important Loyola facts and figures. To help readers learn more about Loyola, we clearly call out how to request information or apply.

We know that we reach many audiences through the web and we know that people view our website on all kinds of devices, so we used responsive web design to build the new pages—which means you’ll get all of the benefits of the improved website on any device you use. So whether you’re logging in on your work computer, reading a quick story on your laptop, or browsing on your smart phone or tablet, you won’t miss a thing. We’re also using more multi-media elements like videos and slideshows to create a better user experience.

But we didn’t change everything. Many of the links that you use the most—Directories, Human Resources, and LOCUS, for instance—are still on the website. They are either in the upper-right corner or under the Resources tab, which is now a true one-stop shop for any help you may need.

Please note there is still work to be done as many department and administrative sites have yet to be migrated to the new design. We hope to complete the update over the next several months.

We plan on watching analytics closely as they will help us massage and improve the site. You also can help us by taking a few minutes to browse the new website.  We welcome your comments at webteam@luc.edu as we continually edit and modify the site.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Kelly Shannon
Vice President for University Marketing and Communication