Media Briefing Highlight:

Zach Waickman (biodiesel lab manager) was interviewed about Loyola’s biodiesel program and its relation to traditional Jesuit values on The Osgood File. 12.26.12: KMOX-AM

MEDIA BRIEFING: Week of December 31, 2012

This week’s briefing includes more than 12 media clips featuring Loyola University Chicago, all identified during the week of December 24, 2012. Below are the highlights.

“Churches shift focus to ‘Christmas stores’ as a more uplifting way to give” – Melissa Browning (graduate program director, Institute of Pastoral Studies) is quoted in this article discussing an upcoming Loyola study that will examine the motives behind giving gifts at Christmas. 12.21.12: Chicago Tribune

“What the brain wants for Christmas” – Jeff Huntsinger (assistant professor, psychology) is mentioned in this article regarding his study on how gifts influence relationships. 12.22.12: CNN

“An amazing conversation with Eugene Kennedy on Newtown, love, joy and pain” – Eugene Cullen Kennedy (professor emeritus, psychology) is the focus of this article, which also reflects on the recent Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting. 12.23.12: Investor’s Business Daily

Dr. Elizabeth Mueller (associate professor, Stritch School of Medicine) appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss a recent Loyola study that utilizes Botox as an effective treatment for urge incontinence. 12.26.12: KXOF-TV

“Top 13 Online Colleges in Chicago” – Loyola University Chicago is mentioned in this article as one of the top online colleges in the Chicago area. 12.26.12: KETK-TV

“Duh! 12 obvious science findings of 2012” – Rodney Stuck (professor, Stritch School of Medicine) offers solutions to the problem of painful high heels in this article. 12.26.12: Fox News

“Turkey in 2013: Will Erdogan shake up the region?” – Günes Murat Tezcür (associate professor, political science) penned this editorial discussing the current, and future, political climate in Turkey. 12.28.12: CNN

“Loyola tops DePaul for 1st time since ’89” – The men’s basketball team is featured in this article after their recent victory over DePaul University. This article appeared in multiple outlets. 12.29.12: Chicago Tribune

“Gay marriage vs. natural law” – Robert John Araujo (professor, School of Law) is quoted in this article discussing the controversial issue of gay marriage in Illinois. 12.30.12: Chicago Tribune

“Guns don’t kill Americans. Inequality kills, because it’s the cause of gun violence” – Arthur Lurigio (professor, criminal justice and associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences) is quoted in this article discussing the rising murder rate in Chicago. 12.31.12: The Globe and Mail