With the end of the semester here, many students may still be looking to earn a few more credit hours to be sure they graduate on time. January term, more commonly known as J-term, is a time where students can take a two-week (the term runs January 2-12) condensed course for a full three credits.

Since the first J-term, which took place in January 2012, students have responded very positively to it, but improvements have been made for the upcoming term to ensure that the courses are top-notch. Dr. Jeanne Widen, the faculty director for online education, discusses some of the changes being made.

“We’ve expanded the number of courses offered during J-term, as well as tightened some of the nuts and bolts of the program,” explains Widen. “In addition, we have put more information on our website about the courses and course objectives.”

With nearly 20 classes to choose from, students from any major can find a class that suits them. Widen mentions that the English, history, and music courses tend to fill up the fastest. She urges students to also look at classes they may not have considered taking before. For a full list of courses, please click here.

“Some courses do fill quickly, so we are trying to generate more interest in the courses with lower commitment,” says Widen. “The Syllabi are posted through the course title, and students can get a good sense of what the course will be like.”

J-term benefits students by giving them the opportunity to stay on track with their studies over the extended winter break. With the option to take some of the courses online, students still get to have a very intense interaction with other students and the professor even when they are studying remotely online.

Resources like the writing center, virtual tutoring for online students, and tech support are just a few of the options they will have available for students during the J-term.

“Aside from being able to earn credits in a short amount of time, the J-term is an immersion that is very rich and effective,” concludes Widen.

Anyone interested in learning more about the J-term, or the courses offered, please click here.