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Why can’t students access my lecture in Adobe Connect?

blackboard-drop-in-2Q. I recorded a lecture in Adobe Connect and told my students to access it by clicking on “Tools” in the course menu, then clicking on “Adobe Connect Pro,” then clicking on the chevron next to the meeting name, and selecting “View Information.” They could then click the “Recordings” link and select the recording to play it. The problem is my students are not seeing the chevron icon to select “View Information.”

A. Click here for the answer.

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Loyola's Graduate Teacher Preparation Program

Melissa Niksic

The 12 Days of Christmas (Loyola Style)

Melissa Niksic

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How do I post grades in Sakai?

How do I post grades in Sakai?

I need to post grades in Sakai. Can you advise me on how to do that?

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Access to excellence

Access to excellence

Access is everything: access to knowledge, to a career, to truth, to success. For most people, access to their dreams begins with a college degree.