“Loyolans in the News” highlights faculty and staff members who have been mentioned in various media outlets. This week’s feature includes:

“Muslim community shares beliefs with Morton Grove residents at forum”– Omer Mozaffer (adjunct professor, Loyola University Chicago) is mentioned in this article as a panelist who spoke at a recent event held by the Morton Grove Community Relations Commission and the Muslim Community Center. The event gave those in attendance the chance to learn more about Islam and to ask questions, both religious and political. 11.23.12: Morton Grove Champion

“General Motors vs. General Electric” Elizabeth Tandy Shermer (assistant professor, history) penned this editorial profiling General Motors and General Electirc. 11.26.12: History News Network

Zach Waickman (biodiesel lab manager, Center for Urban Environmental Research and Policy) is featured in an online video by Reuters TV about Loyola’s Biodiesel program, and its positive impact on the environment. 11.18.12: Reuters.com