On Thursday, October 11, Father Garanzini delivered his State of the University Address to a crowded Regents Hall audience at the Water Tower Campus (he also delivered a Lake Shore Campus address the following day). In his 45-minute address Father Garanzini discussed the findings of the task force on “Positioning Loyola for the Future” and he highlighted areas where he believes the University can continue to improve.

Father Garanzini opened his remarks by commenting on how fortunate we are as a University community for the health and stability of Loyola as an institution in the middle of a deflated economy. He said the University is fortunate to have an increase in student and faculty talent, which helps contribute to the rise in Loyola’s status in academic rankings. The selectivity of admissions is increasing, and Loyola is becoming more highly regarded by its academic peers.

Next, Father Garanzini discussed the findings of a Deloitte study on the general state of higher education nationwide and where Loyola stands with those issues. He said Loyola continues to attract the best students and faculty, conservatively balances the budget, continues to upgrade the technological infrastructure on campus, and is implementing sustainability initiatives, all of which the Deloitte study identifies as rising problems.

Father Garanzini also offered a list of areas in which the University should focus its efforts to improve. He said one of our biggest focus areas is the need to enhance the scholarship resources available to students, which will directly impact students with significant amounts of debt.

Other areas that the University remains focused on include expanding the adult education market, enhancing Loyola’s competitive position in Chicago, and ensuring efficient management of resources.

Father Garanzini ended his address with a number of updates about developments around campus. He introduced the new high-fidelity mannequin bays being used at the Health Sciences Campus, highlighted the recently opened Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing building, discussed the Newhart Family Theatre (which opened and was dedicated last Saturday), and provided updates on the progress of the new Arnold J. Damen Student Center and DiNobili and San Francisco halls.

A taped version of Father Garanzini’s address is now available online. To view the video and access the PowerPoint that Father used during his address, click here.