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HSC fitness center available to Loyolans

On January 1, 2012, the Loyola Center for Fitness (located on the Health Sciences Campus in Maywood) opened its doors for use to all students, faculty, and staff of Loyola. Interested parties can choose to pay a per-use cost of $5 each visit (plus any parking costs) or they can join as full members. For staff, students, and faculty that choose to pay per visit, you must present a valid Loyola ID at the service desk to gain the discounted admission.

For those that are interested in a full membership, the following rates apply:

*$300 enrollment fee
-Individual: $58 per month
-Couple: $102 per month
-Family: $145 per month

For more information on the Center for Fitness, including hours, scheduling a tour, and more, click here.

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How do I post grades in Sakai?

How do I post grades in Sakai?

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Access to excellence

Access to excellence

Access is everything: access to knowledge, to a career, to truth, to success. For most people, access to their dreams begins with a college degree.