Pictured: LUC & ME mentors

Taking on a new job can be a very nerve-wracking thing for many people considering the stress of trying to make friends in the office or worry of asking too many questions for fear of looking bad to your boss. But at Loyola, new employees can feel at ease entering into the University’s work environment thanks to the LUC & ME mentoring program.

“The program was developed to help newly hired employees become acclimated to the University environment. We do this by pairing that person with an experienced Loyola staff member,” explains Karol Alvarez, the program coordinator of LUC & ME.

The program runs 10 months long and mentors must be a full-time staff member who has been employed with the University for at least two years and knows the ropes. They must also be committed to supporting and encouraging their mentee while working to foster Loyola’s mission.

“I would think that you didn’t make the decision to join Loyola very lightly and we want you to know that you are welcome here and that we value what you’re going to bring to the organization,” says Jorene Richards, the manager of training and development at Loyola, as she addresses new employees.

“We’re ready to share with you our mission, our history, and we’re ready to share some practical things, as well, about our culture [and] resources, how to get things done, and help you develop a network of friends so that you really enjoy your Loyola experience,” Richards affirms.

But mentees are not the only ones benefiting from this program. “Coaching someone, being able to give feedback to someone, thinking of developmental refinement, and just working on your communication skills and practicing building trust… those are some payoffs that [mentors] get,” explains Richards.

When a new employee begins their one-on-one partnership with a mentor, they then begin to create an individualized development plan to focus on the areas that are of the greatest concern to them and most relevant to their position within the University. The mentor and mentee must meet regularly and anything shared between them must remain confidential and private.

This LUC & ME cohort will run through November of this year. If you would like to know more about this initiative or if you are interested in getting involved, contact Karol Alvarez at kalvarez@luc.edu or click here to fill out an online form.

“If someone has a friend at work or a confidant or ally, that person can tell them the rules of the road so they don’t make any mistakes [along the way]. LUC & ME really helps new employees feel like Loyola is the best place for them to be,” asserts Richards.