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Movember: The 5 Best Mustaches of All Time

Meet Owen McAndrews. Meet Owen’s mustache. It’s thick, bristly and crimson. But, Owen isn’t just growing a thick upper-lip piece for nothing.

He is growing his mustache in support of a global organization called Movember, whose main goal is to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues.

These issues include both prostate and testicular cancer.

Since the foundation’s inception in 2004 by an 80-man committee from Australia, The Movember Foundation has raised $299 million that goes to organizations such as The Prostate Cancer Foundation and the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

The organization even offers incentives, such as prizes and competitions for individuals and even groups. In 2011, there were a reported 854,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas (otherwise known as Movember members) around the world, raising $126.3 million.

In order to be a Mo Bro or Mo Sista, you must create a profile on the Movember website. If you choose, you can update your profile with personal information, your reasons for joining, and as well as pictures of your progress.

According to the Movember website, much of the organizations job outside the month of November revolves around their Global Action Plan (GAP). The website says that, “Launched in 2010, [the GAP] was set up to address critical challenges in prostate cancer research through global collaboration.”

Owen, a 19-year-old freshman accounting major, at Loyola University Chicago, isn’t just growing his mustache. Owen has also personally helped to raise over $1,200 to The Movember Foundation. Why is this so important to Owen? Well, apart from being a ‘MoBro,’ Owen is also a survivor of testicular cancer.

Owen was diagnosed with a form of testicular cancer during his junior year of high school. After many doctor’s visits, waiting for test results, and two surgeries, Owen is now cancer free for almost a year and a half.

“I committed to The Movember Foundation, because men’s health is something that is very important to me,” said Owen on the subject of mustaches. “I like the whole mustache idea, because it adds humor to a subject that a lot of men are embarrassed or afraid to talk about. But, it is something that NEEDS to be talked about.”

Owen describes the feeling of dealing with cancer as “the most powerful experience of my life.” Owen went on to say that for him, laughter was the best form of coping and healing.

“The mustache is a great conversation starter,” said Owen. “People stare at it. Then I tell them it is for men’s health and for cancer, and their disgust turns into appreciation.”

Because this month is a monumental month for mustached men everywhere, Owen has agreed to give us a look at the 5 best mustaches of all time.

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5. Adam Morrison - “It's trashy, it's creepy, it's a lady-killer.” A stunning 'stache for the former Gonzaga basketball star.

Poll: What is your favorite kind of mustache?

Click to make a donation to Owen’s Movember, one of the Movember’s health programs, or just a general donation to men’s health.

Photo credits:

Owen: curtesy of Owen McAndrews

Morrison: Davej1006/Wikimedia

Hogan: Adam1090/Wikimedia

Borat: Skssoft/Wikimedia

Swanson: NBC/Zap2It

Roosevelt: Hephaestos/Wikimedia


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