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My Life: I Remember Everything


I look at her into her eyes; she has a confused look on her face.

“Anthony, what are you doing?” Alissa Blanco said.

“Do you remember our first date?”

“I somewhat do” she says with this strange look in her eye.

“I remember everything about it,” I say with this look of confidence.

“Like what?”

I break a smile and I start.

“ I remember what you wore, what perfume you used, what music we listened to on the way there, what we ate, what movie we watched, just everything.”

“That’s good, but everyone should know how their first date went”

“Oh but there’s more” I say.

I tell her everything I know about her. I tell her about her favorite color, favorite candy, how she needs to sleep at night, just about everything.

Alissa has this look of shock on her face.

“How do you remember this!?” she says.

“I just do, it just comes natural to me.”

In case if you haven’t noticed I have a mild condition known as hyperthymensia. Hyperthymensia is a condition of possessing an extremely detailed autobiographical memory based on many different life experiences. I will say that I never really went to a doctor to actually say that I have this condition, so you can say that I “self diagnosed” myself.

However, I wanted to shine some light on this because this is a condition that isn’t really talked about or popular in that case. Yes, 60 minutes did do a story about this condition, but it still should be known because of how fascinating it is finding someone who has it.

While seeing what people thought about this, I decided to talk to one of my co-workers just to see if my memory is just better around loved ones.

While, on break I am able to talk to her and try and see if I remember a lot about her.

“There is no way you know so much about me.” Lexii Patton says.

“We’ve only hung out of work one time,” she adds.

Then I just say everything that’s on my mind.

I tell her what she wore, that she was talking about at ex boyfriend that was giving her problems, and about what movies she saw recently in that time.

She face started to blush and she gave me a hug.

“How do you remember all of this?” Lexii says.

I just say “I just do”.

Just like an eidetic memory where one recalls a lot of information in just a few exposures (i.e. reading, listening, etc) hyperthymensia is like that where you only need one of two exposes to someone or something and you will know so much about it.

It has been talked about now what is it that causes this memory to happen. And, in studies, it can be said that it’s from a form of a domino effect.

In a study done by Dr. Lawrence Pathis, he believes that the mind of someone like this can be triggered by one memory and it will go on and on (just like a domino effect) inferring that one memory causes all of these other memories to flood in.

For me, I saw this happen to me too because whenever I reminisce with someone, just one memory causes more memories to flood into my mind and I was able to remember more.

I was also able to talk to one of my friends that I’ve known since I was 13 to see if I still remember a lot about him and not just remembering a lot just to impress girls.

Him and I talked while we are visiting our friend at Valparaiso University. I remembered this restaurant that all of us went to the last time we went there.

“ I remember it was a Friday during lent and all of you guys had burgers and I couldn’t because I couldn’t eat meat.” I say

“OK what does that have to do with anything?” Sean Zatz says.

“I remember you got pizza too, you had pepperoni though, and you and I criticized it because it was no where close to being the pizza in Chicago.”

Sean has this look of shock on his face and said the same thing as everyone else does.

“How do you remember that?” he says

And I just respond again with “I just do”

Hyperthymensia is a condition that is not very popular and is often criticized about all the time by doctors. There has been no cure and there is no need for a cure because you just remember everything in your life. So, next time when you recall a memory that not a lot of people remember, just say to that person as I always say.

I just do

Photo: Derek Avalos/devianart

  • written by Anthony Skillen on April 15th, 2016
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