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How to Maintain Healthy Hair

By Daisy Urbieta

Hair is much more than something that covers the bald space on your head; for some it’s a form of expression, for others its simply a style statement. However if one thing is true, it’s that healthy hair never goes out of style. Whether your hair is short or long, brown or hot pink, healthy hair is a universal want.

Getting a head full of luscious locks may require a bit more effort than you may think. There are countless products that promise “renewed” or “repaired” hair fast; however, these products contain harmful parabens, silicones and sulfates that end up damaging hair further. Nothing will work as well as maintaining your hair the natural way.

These are a few tips and tricks followed by many to achieve and maintain naturally healthy hair.

It All Starts with what You Eat

Just like your skin, your hair benefits greatly from the foods you put into your body. It has been proven that foods that have a strong presence of Omega 3 and fatty acids, as well as Vitamin D help to ensure your hair stays strong and shiny while also promoting hair growth for those who are looking for some extra length.

Some foods that are worth implementing into your healthy hair diet are:

  • Nuts are a great source for those fatty acids. Walnuts in particular provide you with tons of Omega 3
  • Fish is another great source of Omega 3 and vitamin D. two of the most important vitamins that promote a healthy scalp.
  • Spinach, yes there is no escaping this green power food, spinach contains iron which is essential to the production of natural hair oils
  • Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which helps prevent breakage in the hair. Bye Bye split ends.
Photo Courtesy of: Pauline Mak

Photo Courtesy of: Pauline Mak

Don’t Forget to Take Your Vitamins

 Daily vitamins such as Biotin and Iron are tried and true natural supplements that promote strong thick hair, and hair growth. Beauty blogger Samantha Saliba shares her secret, “I maintain healthy

hair by taking a vitamin everyday with Biotin in it.”

These are some vitamins to keep in the medicine cabinet:

  • Biotin is the most popular vitamin for healthy hair; this is especially helpful for those who are starting to notice thinning or who just want to grow out their hair.
  • Iron is also helpful in promoting hair growth as well as helping natural oils make their way through your hair.
Photo Courtesy of: Bradley Stemke

Photo Courtesy of: Bradley Stemke

Put Down the Shampoo Bottle!

How often do you wash your hair? In todays society it has become the norm to wash your hair on a daily basis but this might be one of the most damaging things that can be done.

Washing your hair too often strips it of its natural oils and completely disrupts the oil producing process. If you’re a frequent washer and notice that your hair is extra oily it’s because your hair is working overtime to make up for the lost natural oils and is overproducing them.

Hair should be washed no more than three times per week, ideally twice, but this all depends on your hair type. Starting by washing your hair every other day will make a noticeable difference.

Instead of washing your hair everyday try using dry shampoo or baby powder on your off days to get rid of those oils in the roots.

Batiste dry shampoo is definitely worth a try.

Photo Courtesy of: Maria Morri

Photo Courtesy of: Maria Morri

Speaking of Oil….

Coconut oil has been used as a repairing hair oil for many years. The solid substance melts in your hair making it the perfect deep conditioning treatment. Using this as a natural conditioner at least twice month will help improve the overall health of your hair.

Some benefits of Coconut oil are:

  •  Reduce/ Prevent hair damage by avoiding the loss of protein that occurs when you use heat to style your hair.
  • Avoid Breakage because coconut oil is so thick it retains moisture allowing your hair to repair and renew itself.
  • Prevent Dandruff by using coconut oil to maintain a healthy and moisturized scalp.

The best part is that organic coconut oil is so affordable, on average costing only $10 per jar.

Photo Courtesy of: Meal Makeover Moms

Photo Courtesy of: Meal Makeover Moms

Regardless of your hair type these natural hair tips will help you maintain an enviable mane.


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