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How To: Become a Celebrity

Photo by Evan Agostini

It’s not hard to become famous without having talent nowadays. Becoming a celebrity in today’s world is becoming easier with the introduction of new media outlets and the world’s obsession with pop culture and reality television. Dr. David Kamerer, Assistant Professor in Public Relations and New Media at Loyola University Chicago believes, “We can make things important in our culture, quickly, through social sharing, Twitter, and Facebook. The cycle is much shorter; people are becoming stars more quickly and burning out more quickly as well.”

How do you catch and keep the world’s attention? Follow these quick and easy guidelines:

(Note to readers: meat dress not required)

Get on a Reality TV Show

Dr. Kamerer says, “Television is still a viable mass medium. The power of all those repeated presentations can take just an ordinary actor and turn him into a very wealthy and very famous person.” Reality television shows such as Project Runway, Big Brother, and John and Kate Plus 8, have given otherwise unknown individuals a platform to ride up to the A list and become successful. Eric Nies, contestant on MTV’s The Real World New York, is now a successful entrepreneur and previous host to MTV’s The Grind. The eight eccentric cast members of The Jersey Shore all have extended their careers outside of their hit reality TV show to host and star in other TV shows, write books, and hold endorsements for products.

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Making a Twitter account is essential to becoming famous so other celebs can follow you and retweet your celeb worthy tweets. Twitter announced that about 460,000 new accounts were added per day over the last month (March 2011). Michael Buckley found his way to stardom through tweeting his amusing videos of his show “What the Buck?” Other Twitter celebs include Justin Halpern, creator of the Twitter page “S**t my dad says.” His tweets of his 74-year-old father’s quotes landed him a book deal and a CBS sitcom starring William Shatner.

Make a YouTube Video

With more than 50% of YouTube users rating and commenting on videos, creating and uploading videos is one of the easiest ways of getting yourself out there showing off your talent. Current celebs, such as Justin Bieber, have gotten there start showing their skills in a video on YouTube. The popular “Bed Intruder Song” about the news story featuring Antoine Dodson has become a hit sensation on YouTube and even iTunes. CAUTION! Be careful with your video choice because there is a fine line between fame and infamy. Thank you Rebecca Black for getting your notorious YouTube song “Friday” stuck in the heads of many Americans. (“It’s a Small World” is enjoying its time off from most annoying song ever.)

Haven’t heard the infamous song? Watch the video below!


Stalk a Talent Agent

Big name celebrities, such as Britney Spears, have found themselves international celebrities just by hiring an agent. Besides her debut appearance on The Mickey Mouse Club, Spears was not a household name until her agent got her signed by Jive Records and helped her release her first album. Dr. Kamerer advises, “You have to be successful on two fronts, execution and in public opinion. Your best option is a positive, narrowly focused brand.” Your talent agent and public relations team will help you form this brand. The internet is the best place to find a talent agent. It is important to send your resume to as many agents as possible in order to be discovered.

Mooch Off Your Celebrity Parents

Parents are responsible for feeding, sheltering, and caring for you. Oh and don’t forget making you famous! Let’s be honest, if it weren’t for Billy Ray, Miley Cyrus would be nothing but a typical teenage wannabe, just like you (sorry but you are reading this article for a reason). Other stars made famous by their parents include Drew Barrymore, Jane Fonda, Charlie Sheen, Angelina Jolie, Ben Stiller, and many more. If your parents aren’t famous, just convince them to dish out the cash to hire a talent agent to make you famous.

Be a Hero

Today, with so few heroes to count on, the very few that exist are admired for all that they do. Chesley Sullenberger had the opportunity to prove himself a hero by emergency landing a plane in the Hudson River after a flock of birds blew out its engines. Sullenberger became a celebrity to many for his heroic actions.  If a heroic opportunity presents itself, like a choking child, be sure to help. If that doesn’t work, you can always stick a cat in a tree and rescue it.

Dr. Kamerer says, “More and more the people get a bigger vote than they ever have had.” So make the people vote for you by following these steps to see fame in your future! But don’t worry, if these steps fail, maybe try seducing a politician. It worked for Monica Lewinsky!

For help on how to upload a video to YouTube, watch this video!


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