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Coffee Shop With Retro Style

Interior of Wormhole Coffee Shop
Photo Credit Christian Preciado








The Wormhole Coffee Shop, located in one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods Wicker Park, has begun to make a name for itself by providing signature drinks and an ambience that cannot be matched. The Wormhole is a place for the nerd, coffee enthusiast, or anyone who just wants a good cup of coffee.

Movie memorabilia from the 80s and a replica Delorean from the Back to the Future films are not the only things that make this place stand out from its competitors. Signature coffee drinks made with in house ingredients has people coming on a daily basis. The Wormhole is home to many regulars such as Jorge Gomez who says he has been coming here since he first moved to Wicker Park.

“I was walking around trying to get a feel for the neighborhood and I walked by Wormhole and saw the Delorean. I came inside out of pure curiosity and never left,” Gomez said.

Vanilla Latte
Photo Credit Christian Preciado

The Vanilla Latte seems to be one of the more popular drinks on the menu. Made with fresh in house Vanilla, topped with just the right amount of foam and served at the perfect temperature, this Latte makes for a favorite among the many regulars and newcomers.

The Wormhole is known to produce a variety of signature drinks. The Walter Peck is made for the caffeine high enthusiast who is ready to take on the day fully alert. The Tim Curry which contains Indian spices and is served cold offers a quench of thirst with a bit of kick. A newly introduced drink to the menu for the winter season was the Mayan Melk, a combination of white-hot chocolate, earl grey lavender syrup, and cracked pepper marshmallow. These drinks will have you coming back for more.

The Wormhole has become a local treasure to Wicker Park residents where they can come and enjoy free Wi-Fi, Nintendo, study for their classes or admire the memorabilia scattered all around the walls.  Visiting from out of state, Mark Castellanos says The Wormhole was a different yet pleasing experience.

“I came here only because my brothers roommate brought us here and I like the overall vibe I get in here. It’s crowded but I can see why people like it here so much. Its nice and the drinks are good”   Castellanos said.

The Wormhole Coffee tends to attract the so-called nerds who love the 80s. A time when retro was becoming a staple in peoples fashion, the Wormhole allows for those who lived through the neon colors and Back to the Future films to come and feel at home in place that seems to have traveled back in time.

Long time resident of Wicker Park, Jeremy says he does not know of any other place where he can drink coffee, and play Nintendo. A friend recommended he try the Peanut Butter Koopa-Troopa, which is made of peanut mousse and local chocolate.

“Right now I pretty much only drink the P.B.K.T On occasion I switch it out and drink some tea but it’s mostly the P.B.K.T. I’d be open to trying a new drink as long as it contains peanut butter” Jeremy said.

Wormhole offers all original coffee items for those who prefer them over the signature drinks. The Wormhole is catered to those of all taste palates and preferences. So come in and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or tea while playing Super Mario Bros. and enjoying the company.



  • written by Christian Preciado on May 4th, 2013
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