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Advertising Resume: The DOs and DON’Ts

Positions in the Advertising field are coveted because of their fun, creative and challenging nature. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, “Out of 462,300 people in advertising there is expected to be little or no growth in advertising jobs from 2008 to 2018.”

So, how do you make your resume stand out in such a competitive field?

Herb Ritchell, Internship Coordinator and Advertising Professor at Loyola University Chicago,  gives tips on how to impress advertising agencies with your resume.

DON’T make your resume too frilly

Many people in creative fields, like advertising, think that the template of their resume should scream “Look at me I’m creative,” but  try to avoid adding three dimensional affects and mounds of glitter when you are putting together your resume.

Advertising firms are looking for innovative people, not masters of glue guns and graphics.Your resume could even get tossed because of its’ frills.

Ritchell suggests, “Play it straight. What people are looking for on your resume is not your creativity but it is what you have done and what can you bring to the party.”

DON’T include a list of your advertisement classes

Most students believe that if you don’t have internship experience, it is best to put a list of your relevant coursework together to show that you know something about the field.

According to Ritchell, that is a waist of space because employers assume you have taken the requirements to fulfill your major. He says, “The weakest thing you can put on your resume is your classes, internships and practically work experience count 100 times more.”

Instead, list the skills that you have learned from those classes, like your Final Cut skills or your mastering of Photoshop.

DO Hyperlink
One of the best ways to show that you are a capable candidate for an interview is to show potential employers creative work that you have already done.

Ritchell suggests, “If you are looking for creative roles in an ad firm you need to show how you think hyperlink to past class work or projects.”

A perfect place to hyperlink to those past projects is when you mention the skills you have picked up. Your resume already has listed your Final Cut ability, but why not show them you are a pro by hyperlinking to your most impressive YouTube video?

DO show that you can handle stress

The advertising field is unpredictable, and filled with long and inconsistent hours.The Bureau of Labor statistics said, “Most firms encourage employees to attend employer-paid time-management classes, which help reduce the stress sometimes associated with working under strict time constraints.”

In your resume, shows that you can handle high stress by highlighting the fact that you have done it before.

Ritchell suggests, “Show that you have worked at part time jobs to put yourself through school or that you have done an internships while maintaining a good GPA.”

Employers will see that they can throw anything at you and you will be able to handle it.

DO carry a copy of your updated resume

Advertising is an ever-changing field, that gets completely revamped as new technologies are introduced.

Ritchell says, “Your resume is never complete. It is a living breathing document and it should change every couple of months as you have new experiences, keep it up to date.”

Who knows? You could run into a big Ad executive on the el and be stuck with the copy of your resume that doesn’t mention Photoshop or your multi-tasking skills.

Check some of the most famous ad slogans of all time:

  • written by lkujava on December 12th, 2011
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