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A Guide to Song Writing

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Ever feel like you have what it takes to make the next best song? But, you don’t know where to begin or what to say? Well, with this advice you will be able to write that song that you always wanted to make!

Learn the essentials of a song

A song is a lot more complicated than what you may think. There are different aspects of a song that come into play and you need to know what they are.

These include

  • Introduction- The beginning to show how the song will go on.
  • Verse-  the main part of the song.  Main focus of the melody and the most lines of the song.
  • Chorus-  the part of the song that repeats itself. It will go the same flow and melody the times that you use it.
  • Bridge- The part of the song that is different than the rest of the song. This includes a change in tone as well as lyrics.

Knowing these terms will get you a better understanding on what a song is really about.

Draw inspiration

Listen to some music that you like. The best way to start with writing a song is to hear some of your favorite artists because in the end, you get inspiration from the ones you love. Every musician listens to music and they can create some great things from those songs. 

Make it about real life

Most songs are about their own experiences that they had in life and you get to talk about it. “It’s a form of therapy’ Kadeem “Seez Monroe” Batur said when asked about song lyrics. “its what defines you” he added.

Ideas to talk about

  • A breakup
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Getting into a new relationship
  • Reuniting with a friend
  • A good time you had with friends or family

Doing this lets you know what it really is like to just go out and express yourself and what other way to use it than through music.

Know how to write

Educate yourself with a great vocabulary. Read some poetry, use an atlas to find new words, and just learn. You will know how to break away from the bunch if you know how to use words that are not commonly used. The best idea to use with this is find a poetry book at a library or at a bookstore. Songs are so alike from poetry and both are so visually pleasing and reading will get you a better understanding in the end. 


You don’t need to always rhyme

Yes songs rhyme a lot, but you don’t need to always rhyme. If you always rhyme, then you will get awkward lines that will not make sense at all and will ruin the flow (think of it as a bad bridge). 

Find a good rhythm

Once you start out with writing, use instrumentals from famous songs to use to your lyrics. Then, once you get a hang of everything, make your own beats. The most famous maker for music is garageband and it is really easy  to use and there are many different tutorials on how to use it.




OK. You have great lyrics and a background beat. Now, muster up some courage and record your song. “Recording is the hardest part of making any song” Chris “Grey Radweil” Garner said. “you can mess up really easily and you will have to do it all over again”. Yes, it takes confidence and patience to record. But, at the end, you will feel the achievement that you have just made your own song.

Get noticed

After recording, why not go ahead and put yourself online! It is a great time for music with social media (YouTube, soundcloud, spotify, iTunes, etc.) Last year, iTunes sold a record 25 billion songs. Why not make your song one of those numbers? It is really easy to upload songs on these websites and there are “how to” articles to show you how to do this to start your music career. 
In the end, it’s all about time and experience. If you put time into music, you’ll be better. All of your songs that you make won’t be the best, but once you get to know more about writing, then it will be a fun time for you.


Photo by: Anthony Skillen

Photo source: pixbay.com

  • written by Anthony Skillen on February 17th, 2016
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